Pipelines for industrial use face extraordinary requirements – particularly in subjecting to high temperatures, increased static requirements (e.g. heavy trucks) and conveying aggressive media. Leaky fittings and cracks are an environmental hazard and cause the loss of valuable resources such as water, gas, or oil. Further a collapse in the pipe system can have catastrophic effects on the plant.

As a pioneer, NordiTube designed trenchless technologies for pipe networks which have to face extraordinary requirements.

Find the perfect products for your rehabilitation of industrial networks:


The strong and independent pressure liner for CIPP – Class A and B*

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The seamless textile pressure liner for CIPP – Class C*

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The resin-free rehabilitation system for pressure pipes

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The robust gravity liner for CIPP

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The resistant liner for high-temperature pipes.

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The pre-deformed PE pipe for Close-Fit lining – Class A and B*

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*Class according to ISO 11295

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