NordiTube has over 25 years of experience in the rehabilitation of gravity sewers with UNILINER.

This CIPP solution is used for the rehabilitation of gravity pipes for municipal sewage, industrial sewage and storm water.


UNILINER is a high quality polyester felt hose with a flexible PP-coating (450g/m² or 700g/m²) which makes the product easier to handle during the installation process and gives a good performance in case of bends and different pipe shapes.

As a multilayer system, it can be installed with a two-component epoxy, polyester or a vinyl ester resin. It is designed for the installation with the inversion process by air or water column and is suitable for steam or hot water curing. The system is not only available for circular shapes but also for special shapes (e.g. Egg-shape profiles), big dimensions and particularly demanding projects. Structurally the system can be designed with up to five layers for host pipe state 3 (according to DWA A-143-2) or fully deteriorated host pipe condition (according to ASTM F1216).


  • Can be installed as independent system with Preliner
  • But it can also be installed as interactive system with bonding. (Only with Epoxy resins)
  • Flexible PP coating with 450g/m² or 700g/m²
  • Liner can be designed to bear ground water pressure, soil load and traffic loads
  • Individual length up to 500m and bends are possible
  • Mechanical type test available
  • High wall thickness achievable (e.g. 30 mm and higher)

UNILINER at a glance

Application areaGRAVITY
Diameter150–1200 mm
MaterialPolyester needled felt
CoatingPE or PP
Resinr.tec 521-26
Classification according to ISO 11295/

Approved systems in combination with resins from NordiTube available