Pipe Rehabilitation Equipment

NordiTube has been providing pipe rehabilitation equipment for more than 25 years. The equipment is produced for customised solutions, that naturally conforms to European standards. We place great importance on high quality products and provide a full range of pipe rehabilitation equipment for the following applications:


High Pressure Jetting Unit

This cleaning system for pipelines is an high powerful system that can achieve a water pressure of up to 1550 bar and a maximum flow rate of 500 l/min.


Impregnation Unit

The impregnation units serve to distribute the resin uniformly in the entire liner and to impregnate the resin substrate thoroughly.

Inversion Unit

The inversion units are the core of every CIPP rehabilitation process. They are used for inserting the liner into the rehabilitation line by inversion technology.

Heating Unit

The heating unit is main equipment in the CIPP rehabilitation process. They are used to cure the CIPP liner with steam or hot water.


Installation equipment

This installation equipment is used for pull in a PE Close-Fit pipe into the host pipe, and to connect it to an already existing pipe system.

Heating Unit

This heating unit is used to shape a pre-deformed PE pipe back into the circular form.


Rehabilitation robots

Rehabilitation robots are used for repair works such as countersinking and smoothing cracks or leaky fittings, as well as for correcting faulty pipe connections.


Telemetric system

The Telemetric system “Tracy” is used for digital recording and live-display of pressure and temperature during the relining process. With creating a protocol as pdf-file, it ensures a tamper-proof method for data logging.

Manhole adjustment equipment

This equipment is used for adjusting protruding or sunk manhole frames. With the NordiTube Manhole adjustment equipment you can adjust manhole frames easy and in a short time, without cutting- and asphalting works at the surface.

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