COVID 19 – NordiTube informs

Dear NordiTube Business Partner!

The current exceptional situation as a result of the corona pandemic requires quick and decisive action. In both personal and professional contexts, we have to impose restrictions, the extent of which must be re-evaluated every day.

The focus is always on our unlimited responsibility towards the health of our business partners and employees. On this basis, we strive to continue to ensure your best possible care despite all restrictions.


Based on the official recommendations, we decided to do the following:

You can reach our office without restrictions at

Our production facilities operates as reliable as ever. The orders you have already placed will of course remain intact and further orders can be placed in the usual manner. Please inform us about your upcoming and announced projects as early as possible, as we have to expect that there may be delays in the supply chain.

The NordiTube team works in home office mode based. However, you can reach us personally without restriction using the mobile numbers and e-mail addresses known to you.

All meetings and business trips are reduced to a minimum. However, it is possible to hold meetings via conference calls. If so, please let us know.


We wish you much strength and confidence in this extraordinary situation. We remain a team, even if space separates us.

Your NordiTube Technologies team


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