NordiTube supports to fight against COVID-19


As there is currently massive bottleneck in the reordering of hospital clothing, the supply in medical facilities is slowly coming to an end. Many hospitals are forced to look for a solution to avoid these production bottlenecks.

The Belgian city of Liège has decided to contact local companies to help re-produce hospital clothing.

As an experienced producer for CIPP Liner, NordiTube has of course agreed to help with the production. After receiving the raw materials, the blanks were immediately created for a total of:

  • 2.000 Sleeves
  • 1.000 Back parts
  • 1.000 Foreparts
  • 4.000 Belts

The single-line parts then came for further processing and a total of 1,000 pieces of hospital outerwear could be manufactured.

In this difficult time, NordiTube would like to make a small contribution to the maintenance of the important health and care field.

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