TDM partners with NordiTube

TDM Pipeline Solutions has begun a partnership with NordiTube Technologies as a strategic supply partner for CIPP lining technologies.

TDM is a proudly Australian owned and operated drain service specialist with over 30 years’ experience. TDM offers a range of drain services including the rehabilitation, maintenance and inspection of pipeline infrastructure across Australia.

With operations across NSW, VIC and W, the company is dedicated to providing high quality service to customers and community.

TDM utilises cured-in-place pipelining (CIPP) as a method by which pipelines are rehabilitated without the excess costs associated with excavation and/or replacing existing pipelines. TDM has over 15 years of experience working with CIPP and relines an estimated 5000 pipelines a year.

CIPP lining comprises a resin-saturated lining tube installed in a pipeline. The tube creates what is known as a close fit pipe-within-a-pipe as a structural solution to pipeline deterioration.

TDM’s CIPP liners are custom made from felt then impregnated with specially formulated resins suitable for various conditions and applications, including UV cured GRP relining, ambient cure polyester resin and heat cured thermosetting resin.

The CIPP method can be applied to structurally rehabilitate pipelines with defects such as cracks, offset joints and structurally deficient segments.

Thankfully, almost any shape and size of pipe can be structurally rehabilitated including vertical, horizontal, square, rectangular or round piping. Likewise, the CIPP method can be used for pipes with 90-degree angle bends, P traps, S traps, junctions or elbow.

The opportunity to work with NordiTube as its strategic supply partner grants TDM the chance to further implement its core values as a company to continue providing better, more efficient and affordable services to its Australian customers.

NordiTube has a well established position as one of the leading technology provides for trenchless pipe rehabilitation and has been producing CIPP liners for over 30 years.

Backed by a global trading company, the experts of NordiTube offer a wide range of innovative systems, materials, equipment, expertise and technical support to customers worldwide.

The NordiTube range comprises optimised solutions for maintenance, rehabilitation and renewal of gravity and pressure pipes.

TDM Pipeline Solutions and NordiTube invite those attending the 2022 No-Dig Down Under (NDDU) conference to visit the team at stand #023.

To find out more about what live demonstrations will be on offer at the expo, click here.

Register to attend NDDU here.

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